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naul    memory of the wind. 

When the wind blows and shakes up my heart
I think of the past times
And close my two eyes

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Tablo's having a hard time dealing with his rejection from Giriboy.

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"make dream loudly, until you can't anymore." - bangtan

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In the end, Teen Wolf is a show that has a confusing canon, not enough character development, new characters that don’t serve any purpose, no LGBT representation, a fanbase that’s too smart for the show, and TPTB that want to act as if everything is awesome.

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meanwhile on YG Entertainment

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one thing i love about college is that everyone is so exhausted that nobody judges anyone for sleeping anywhere like


just rest your eyesimage

get comfy


we’re all in  this together


you are safe here


it will be ok


This is by far the cutest college post I have ever seen

As a College Student, I can proudly say this is college nap law: you don’t judge or bother sleeping students